Tiktok Advertising: Marketing your Jewellery

Tiktok has swiftly grown to be one of the most popular social media sites. This is probably due to its fast-paced, simple to use nature. It’s easy to understand why companies are expanding their Social Media Marketing to involve the site. There are so many different ways to engage and create content, making TikTok accessible and probably why its audience is so varied. But how can your jewellery business benefit from this?

Get Creative with Tiktoks

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Jewellery Videography is an excellent way of showing all of the angles and intricate designs a piece might have, not to mention how stunning particular stones are when they catch the light. Tiktok is perfect to ensure your products are seen.

Whilst Tiktok is known for its dance and lipsync videos; there are various other ways to participate that are just as popular. Utilise the sounds and effects on TikTok to create engaging short clips displaying your pieces. You can utilise rotations, models or even unboxing videos. The best way to keep things refreshing on Tiktok is to change your video style, which will help you reach a wider audience.

TikTok dance

Partake in trends. For example, currently, there is a trend surrounding allocating different outfits to different characters in a movie by utilising an audio of the character talking and showing an outfit inspired by that character and then transitioning to another. For example, you could use this trend, showing a particular piece of jewellery you sell that you think this character might wear. This not only showcases your jewellery in a piece of media that is engaging but also could encourage Tiktok users to buy a piece just because you have associated it with their favourite character/film.

Utilise music. Music or audios are a large part of influencing Tiktoks algorithm, and they often relate to a particular trend. By using popular audios, you can ensure you land on users “For you” page.

Create TikTok influenced Customer profiles


The “For you” page on Tiktok is entirely tailored to its audience, as Tiktok creates an algorithm. That means if you’re interested in action movies, pets or fashion, evidently, that’s what you’ll see on your “For you” page. Look into what areas of TikTok your customer profiles might be interested in, you can tailor your content to specific personas. Utilise hashtags that may not be relevant to your content but are relevant to your customer profiles.

User-Generated Content

Unboxing video

Encourage your audience to “duet” videos, and if they do, this exposes your content to their audience and following, which is an excellent way of expanding your following. To encourage duets, partake in different trends or create content your audience can “react” to.

Make unboxing your products an experience or trend; you can do this by sending influencers products in return for honest reviews.

Check out the competition on TikTok

Research competitors in your field for content ideas but also look into other businesses. You can pick up ideas for marketing content with how they turn trends into marketing tools.

You can also see from their like and comment count which pieces of content work best which can help you save time by picking out the most effective methods.

Paid Advertising

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Tiktok also provides the option of paid advertising which is a fantastic way of gaining exposure. Utilise your best jewellery videography, as this piece of content isn’t as throwaway as regular TikToks.

Tiktok ads come in two different forms, which, jewellery marketers can take advantage of. One of the most persistent types of ads are the ones that appear upon opening the app; customers are more likely to pay attention to these ads. The other ad style is when they appear in between scrolling through videos, these are often less effective as they can be skipped quickly. Ad’s are different to regular videos as they often provide a link to the webpage at the end, making them more accessible.

Overall, Tiktok is very simple to use and provides a great platform to utilise product videos in your marketing strategy. Using these tips and keeping an eye on new trends because it’s simple to use Tiktok to boost your business.

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