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The Digital Afterlife

Navigating Social Media Accounts When Someone Passes Away Social media has become an integral part of our lives, connecting us with friends, family, and the world at large. However, as we embrace the digital age, a new challenge emerges – the fate of social media accounts when their owners pass away. Dealing with the digital...

Alternatives to white background Jewellery photography

Alternatives to white background Jewellery photography

Whilst white background product photography is a great way to showcase your jewellery when selling online. This article will discuss through the multiple options you have when showing off your product. Also, setting yourself apart from competitors. Lifestyle Jewellery Photography Perhaps the most obvious alternative is lifestyle photography. Lifestyle photography can use various techniques. Show...


The Most Important Jewellery Photography Equipment that You Need

Choosing the right photography equipment for your jewellery photography can be overwhelming for some photographers. There is a variety of overpriced equipment that may not produce the results you want available on the online market. It can be difficult to find the equipment that suits your photography skills the best and therefore deliver the desired...

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Product Photography Composition Rules You Should Remember

Product photography composition emphasises the subject in the photo to draw viewers’ attention toward the subject. You can follow specific composition rules to improve the composition in your product photography. In addition, you can combine a few composition rules to create a spectacular product photo for your clients with creative depth and can tell stories....

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Websites To Upload Professional Photography

Professional photography sharing is among the most effective methods of promoting endorsing your website. Furthermore, photo sharing is the most popular strategy for off-page SEO purposes and product endorsement on the digital media platform. The following infographic describes some of the photo-sharing sites where you can share your photography to drive traffic to your website....

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Product Photography: Five Statistics On eCommerce

From this eCommerce product photography statistics infographic, professional product photography helps your website attract more customers and sales and your website’s visitors will feel more trust in your business. As a result, this will help increase your profit margins. There is a solid link between top-quality images in marketing and the increase in sales. Thank...

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The Different camera lenses And When To Use Them

Photography can be confusing. Especially when you need to consider the different types of lenses on the market and the lens you need for what you’re passionate about. Even experienced photographers will find it difficult to explain each particular lens’s exact differences and function. Still, knowing more about the functionality of different lenses for cameras...

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Creative Tips On Improving Your Jewellery Photography

Jewellery Photography helps present the intricate details of the jewellery you want to sell to entice potential customers. Due to the amount of competition in the jewellery market, standing out amongst your competitors and getting your jewellery products the attention they deserve is essential. When captured professionally, jewellery photography helps create an authentic image of...

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Simple Professional Videography Tips

For the past ten years, MO Studios have specialised in producing professional videography for e-commerce, including jewellery, clothing, accessories, skincare, cosmetics, and more. From that time, we have learnt a few essential tips along the way that we want to share with everyone. Preparing Your Camera Kit Beforehand It is best to pack all needed...