How can product photography infographics improve your Amazon Listings?

How can product photography infographics improve your Amazon Listings?

Amazon has become very popular in recent years due to a mixture of reasons. Mostly because of our constant need for efficiency. But, it can be difficult to decide on product photos for your business.
We have compiled this list of reasons why infographics can help improve your listings on Amazon.
Infographics are product photos with additional graphics and text. They are usually used to enhance features and showcase the product description visually rather than in written text.

The efficiency of product photography infographics

One of the benefits of product photography infographics is their efficiency. Your customer has saved the time they would spend reading the description of the products size and features. Not only are they efficient this way, but it also means that you as aren’t wasting precious time drafting a description either. Wondering how you can put together the perfect description? Check out this useful blog here.

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Returns Rate

Descriptions are often ignored. Due to language barriers or hurried purchases, and customers can neglect to see sizes or disclaimers listed in the description. It can lead to returns of your item. Returns can, consequently, cost you time and money. With a product photography infographic, the key parts of info product are clear, therefore avoiding returns from customers who misunderstood

Returns can also lead to bad reviews, slowing down your path to becoming an established and trusted Amazon seller.

Highlight Unique Selling Points

Point out USP’s easily. Show them using a product photography infographic. It could be extra pockets on a bag, intricate details or a feature added for ease of use. Have your USP on display via an infographic, it won’t lost in the description.

Infographics Avoid Language Barriers

When selling online, you often open up your customer market to a worldwide audience. Translating product descriptions means often key details can be lost to bad translations. Emphasise key information through your infographics, so these details aren’t lost.

Set yourself apart from the competition

Often people turn to Amazon for its efficiency. That’s why having infographics as a primary or secondary image is great for buyers. They already know exactly what they’re buying without having to scroll through confusing descriptions. 


Using infographics to show how easy it is to use a product. Also allowing any questions about your product and its assembly to be answered. It again provides additional info and stresses unique selling points.

Overall, product photography infographics are an invaluable sales tool when it comes to selling on Amazon, and they should be part of your additional product images on your listings. MO Studios provides Amazon Product Photography for your product listings.

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