Alternatives to white background Jewellery photography

Alternatives to white background Jewellery photography

Whilst white background product photography is a great way to showcase your jewellery when selling online. This article will discuss through the multiple options you have when showing off your product. Also, setting yourself apart from competitors.

Lifestyle Jewellery Photography

Perhaps the most obvious alternative is lifestyle photography. Lifestyle photography can use various techniques. Show off your jewellery inside a jewellery box or on a model. Or get creative with props and backdrops.

Lifestyle photographs can also show off areas like the unique manufacturing process, just like the photos below. Your photographer can help really emphasise the special parts of the piece and its unique selling points. 

Product Videos

E-commerce Videography is a more immersive way to show off your jewellery. The camera movement will catch more intricate parts of the piece like engravings or smaller stones. It can also show how iridescent stones like labradorite or opal catch the light when moved, which still images often fail to do.

Immersive techniques like videography mimic shopping in-store, making it perfect for eCommerce use. Motion is also a good way to catch attention. SEO will also reward you for video use too, meaning you can beat the ranking of competitors. Videography also provides additional content for social media, learn more here.

Colour backdrop Jewellery Photography

The google shopping tab is probably the most common first step when shopping online and this page is often filled with white background product images. We recommend initial photos of a product should be simple and not overcomplicated. Cluttered initial photos can be visually confusing and are often ignored, you should save those for additional photos). However, initial photos do not have to be boring. You can use colour backdrop. 

Colours can really influence us. Colour psychology is a study on what reactions we can gain from each colour as subconsciously each colour can affect our mood. There is a super helpful article, here on colour psychology.

Model Photography

Illustrate how your jewellery fits and pairs with other pieces in your collections with Jewellery Model Photography. Customers can get a much more accurate idea of sizing or how pendants and dangly earrings hang when worn. 

360 Degree photography

Perhaps the most immersive option on the market, 360 allows the customer to rotate and view the product from all angles at their own speed. This unique feature is sure to set you apart from competitors and reduce your returns rate. Again, much like videography, it allows for all angles and details to be shown; however, unlike videography, the customer can spin the image at their own pace to see the separate angles more clearly.

There are many options when it comes to adding additional jewellery photos to your eCommerce site. So it can be daunting to figure out which option suits your company best. MO Studios is a jewellery photographer that offers a range of different services and packages tailor-made to suit your endeavour. We would be more than happy to discuss them and bring your ideas to reality. Get in contact here.

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