The Different camera lenses And When To Use Them

Digital camera with 50mm lens
Digital camera with 50mm lens

Photography can be confusing. Especially when you need to consider the different types of lenses on the market and the lens you need for what you’re passionate about. Even experienced photographers will find it difficult to explain each particular lens’s exact differences and function. Still, knowing more about the functionality of different lenses for cameras such as focal lengths and uses can help you understand the right lens. Knowing which lens to use is just one step toward becoming a better jewellery photographer. This blog and infographic will look at the different camera lenses and what they are best at taking.

What are the main types of lenses?

It can be pretty overwhelming in the early stages of a photographer’s career when you find out just how many types of camera lenses there are. Fortunately, you can split them into zoom lenses and prime lenses. We’ll explain the definition of these two camera lenses and other camera lenses you can purchase in the infographic below.

Infographic on different camera lenses

In conclusion, you can buy different types of lenses. And for almost any situation you could find yourself in as a photographer. Having an understanding of which lens is best for what scenario will set you on your way to becoming a much-improved photographer.

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