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Newsletters can be a great tool to enticing customers to return and buy from you again. You can utilise them to inform customers of important business updates and new products. But what are the steps you need to take to ensure you get the most out of newsletters for your jewellery business?

Avoid creating spam newsletters

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Find a schedule that means you are consistently putting out a quality business newsletter but not so that you aren’t filling up your customer’s inboxes with spam. Spam is not only irritating from a customers point of view but is also a waste of your time. Keep your content engaging by ensuring at least some area of your newsletter benefits them as an incentive to stay. Your customers will often unsubscribe if your content doesn’t benefit them and they become annoying. 


business newsletter discount codes

Create exclusive discount codes or competitions that will give your subscribers a reason to stay. They’re also a good way of increasing your open rate and encouraging sales. Most people only sign up for newsletters for this reason. Even discounts as low as 10% will get a positive reaction. The best way to make the most of these incentives is to include them within the email’s Subject, as customers will see this and be more inclined to open it.

Upcoming collections

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Get customers excited. Tell them about upcoming projects or collections that are due to be released. Encourage them to check out your future business newsletters and even your website for similar products. This can be a great way to advertise around Christmas and holidays as potential gifts. Better yet, tie in your incentive to the new collection release. This could be a competition to win a piece or an exclusive discount when the collection is released. Show off your lifestyle photos here too!

Give them insight with your business newsletters

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Show off your unique manufacturing or packaging processes. If something interesting is going on within the factory/workshop, show it off. Customers are more inclined to trust businesses that are more transparent as it gives an idea of the sort of quality they’re paying for.

______ of the month

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by mo studios

Put one of your products in the spotlight. You can show sale pieces or pieces that aren’t selling to encourage sales on those products; again, you could tie your incentive to this product. Look into current trends, too; perhaps a particular stone is popular online at the moment. Feature that is the headline of your email as it’s more than likely to catch your customer’s eye.

Upcoming holidays 

Business Newsletter Giftguide

Gift-giving holidays like mothers day, Christmas etc, are the perfect time to take advantage of sales by using business newsletters. Create gift guides for these holidays and send them out ahead of the game. It’s a great way to point customers in the right direction for gifts and advertise what’s on sale or popular during this season. 

Essentially you want to tailor your content to benefiting the subscriber as they will unsubscribe if not and your mailing list will become obsolete. Your mailing list can boost and encourage sales as long as you keep it engaging and helpful.

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