How Can Videography help boost your online business?

Product photography is key to showing off your products visually for customers. But how can you set your online store apart from your competitors? Videography might be the best option for you. This article will inform you of just a few of the critical benefits of having Videography within your webpage and product listings to give you a well-needed boost against competitors.

Search engine optimisation Scores

One of the most essential factors against beating competitors is having a high Search optimisation score. It’s proven that customers often won’t search past the first google search result page. That’s why it’s so important to make sure you rank well with your Search engine optimisation score.

Search engine optimisation is all about relevant and put together content. How does Videography play a role in this? SEO Inc conducted a study that discovered that video is 50x more likely to get organic ranking than plain text results. Having videos within your webpage can help boost that Search engine optimisation score.

Videography shows the Intricate details

by mo studios

Showcase those essential features that product photography may not be able to pick up. These features could be how stunning certain stones in jewellery catch the light when rotated or how a clothing item moves when worn. Really emphasise the quality and purpose of your product through Videography. 

Showcase assembly/use with Videography

Tutorial Videography

Videos are a great way to show just how easy your product is to use or assemble. This is a positive feature you may want to emphasise, and video is the best way to do so. Videography makes it simple to get your point across and makes it much easier for your audience to understand.

Avoids language barriers or wordy descriptions

product descriptions

Sometimes when selling online, you open your audience worldwide, and this can leave product descriptions with bad translations or often confusing ones for people who read the site in a language that isn’t their first. Videos can make features or the use of your item much clearer compared to wordy descriptions, which again gets your point across more effectively.

Overall, Videography can be an invaluable tool to improve things like SEO organically, but they’re also super helpful from a customer perspective and solidify the positive aspects of your product like easy assembly or unique selling points. 

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