Jewellery Blogs: Topic inspiration

Maybe you’re trying to increase web traffic to your website, or you want to branch out and be more social with your customers. Blogs are a great way to do so. However, it can be challenging to come up with exciting and engaging topics consistently. This blog should help point you in the right direction when writing content for your jewellery blogs.

Behind the scenes jewellery blogs

Behind the scenes of jewellery crafting

Talk about the “behind the scenes” aspects of your business. You can do this in several different ways. Why not detail a day in your life, from getting to the office/workshop and the various tasks you do there. Photograph your process using a smartphone to show the techniques too. Images can help enhance a blog and it can be really valuable for customers to know the face behind the company they’re buying jewellery from. You could also talk about how you get from a concept to a finished piece and the unique manufacturing processes along the way.

Styling new collections

MO Studios model photography

Give your customers an idea of what’s to come in the future and how they can wear new or existing pieces with an outfit. You can detail things like how different necklaces pair with different necklines or even colour schemes. Another interesting topic could be how to match different colour stones/metals with skin tones or fabrics. You can utilise model photography in these blogs to ensure you get your point across visually.

Jewellery storage and care

jewellery after care

Use your jewellery blogs to educate your customers on proper jewellery care to ensure they treasure and look after your pieces. This can also be a brilliant way to sell additional accessories like cleaning cloths or jewellery boxes. If you don’t sell other accessories, you can still make money from this blog by partnering with Amazons Affiliate programme; check it out here.

Seasonal Blog Posts

Plan and put blogs out surrounding holidays. This way, your jewellery blogs will be refreshing and relevant. Think about utilising holidays with gift-giving traditions like Thanksgiving and Christmas, in order to, showcase which products you sell that would make suitable gifts. Another seasonal blog post topic would be to discuss upcoming jewellery trends within each season or how jewellery can be paired with forthcoming fashion trends.
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Competitor Research on Jewellery Blogs

Jewellery Blog writing on a Macbook laptop

Sometimes the best way to learn is to look at our peers. Look into what your competitors are writing about. See which posts are causing them the most traffic or engagements; these are topics that audiences are interested in reading. Just take care not to plagiarise articles as it can have negative repercussions.

Another good tip is to have blogs written in advance if you want to stick to a regular and consistent upload schedule, as you never know when writer’s block will strike. These potential topics could also work in a vlog format which would be highly beneficial as video links in your webpage can improve SEO. Check out our TikTok marketing tips here for more advice.

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