15 Amazon Products For Amateur Photographers

It can be so expensive for amateur photographers starting out. Here are some inexpensive products you can purchase from amazon to improve your photography.

1. Ring lights

Ring lights are perfect for lighting portrait photos inexpensively. They’re brilliant if you’re documenting your photography journey through youtube or tiktok too, as they are designed to illuminate faces in particular.

This one is 15.99 and you are able to adjust the brightness and the height is adjustable to up to 1.2m.

2. Mini Photo Tent

These mini tents are useful for getting consistent environmental lighting and this one in particular offers two different angles and 6 colour backgrounds. A mini photo tent is useful for product and food photography.


Octopus tripods are extremely versatile as they allow you to attach your phone or camera to almost any surface to get the right angle for your shot. This one, in particular, is for mobile phone and gopro photography but amazon offers similar ones for Cameras at a similar price.

4.Iphone Lenses

Upgrade your iphone photography. The settings on an iphone camera can only get you so far in your photography but with these easy detachable lenses photography on the go couldn’t be easier. This set is £25.98 and comes with 10 lenses and a blue tooth clicker so you can take photos from afar.

5. Green Screen

Green screens make photo editing that much easier when you want to edit in your own background. This one is just £26.99 and includes four clamps. This listing also offers several different sizes and colours so its simple to find which one is best for you.

6.Camera Cleaning kit

It’s essential to keep your equipment in working order and it’s simple to do so with this cleaning kit. This set includes everything you need to stop dust and debris from getting between you and the perfect photo.

7.Bokeh lighting Kit

bokeh camera accessories for amatuer photographers

Bokeh is a Japanese photography technique that utilises focus and the background to create intentional blurring. Get creative with a bokeh kit.

8.Magic fibre cloth pockets for lenses

These magicfiber cloth pockets therefore, making it easy to store and clean your lenses safely and prevent dust and debris scratching them.

9.Pocket White Balance Card

Getting the perfect white balance is simple with this pocket set of three that comes with a lanyard that makes it so much easier to have them on hand when you need them.

10.Collapsible light reflecter

Perfect for on the go and for storing easily. Get the perfect lighting using these light reflecting cards.

11.Glass ball prop

Get creative and add some interest using props, why not try a glass ball. Perfect for amateur photographers.

12.Go pro accessories

Spend a lot of time on the go recording? Any amateur photographers will want to make sure your go pro has all of the accessories they could possibly need. Get more out of your go pro with an accessory set. It includes several different mounts and is perfect for photographing sports or blogging.

13.Camera rain cover

Keep your camera dry on those days where the weather isn’t forgiving. By investing in weatherproof equipment you avoid having to repair or replace water logged equipment.

14.Reflective Boards

Up your product photography game with these reflective boards. Set of two in black and white for £19.99

15.Camera bag

Keep all of your new equipment safe with this waterproof backpack with compartments for all your accessories. £22.98

These equipment choices should help any amateur photographers or a photographer on a small budget get a good start in their photography career.

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