Setting Up Your Online Store on Etsy

Setting Up Your Online Store on Etsy

Founded 15 years ago, Etsy has now become a hotspot for handcrafted goods. From glass blowing to needlework, Etsy is the perfect site for supporting small businesses. You might harness the skills to create beautiful gifts, but how can you get started with your online store?

Two women making soap for their small  online store

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Setting up your online store

First of all, you’ll want to download both of Etsy’s apps; they have one tailored to buying and another for selling, making it that much simpler to manage your business.

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When you create your account, you will be asked to set up a profile picture and a short bio explaining who you are; this is an excellent way for customers to get to know you and enhances the idea of buying from small businesses rather than large impersonal brands.


One of the first things you’ll need when you start is a shop name. Now, you might have already started out selling your goods and already have a name in mind, but it is vital to double-check that this name is available with Etsy.

Man working with leather to handcraft products for his online store

Unsure of what to name your online store? Think about what unique selling point makes your products different. However, don’t be too particular in what you are selling as it limits your company from branching out. For example, “Sparkly Wax Melts” is a perfect business title for Etsy, but if this company decides they want to start selling candles, too, it gets a little bit confusing.


Then, you want to start creating visuals for this brand like a logo! Once you have a colour scheme and logo, it’s simple to create a banner for your shop. You can do this using mobile editing apps, or if you have the resources can be made using professional packages like adobe illustrator.

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Tell the story of your business; the about page on Etsy allows customers to get to know your business more and gives an element of trust and reliability to your page. Make sure to include necessary details about how you started your craft or where it began.

Adding Listings

Then, you can begin adding listings to your online store. One of the critical parts of this is photography. The quality of your product photos can make or break a sale. Think about what details you want to draw attention to, perhaps its intricate engravings or imperfections within vintage reworks. It’s essential to be as honest as possible with your customers. It affects your reputation as a seller with reviews and can lead to unnecessary returns, which will cost you as a seller.

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Photos are the first thing your potential customers see on an online store. That’s why quality and priorities are essential. You want to ensure the background of your item is a solid colour like white; this ensures the attention is on your item and not the background. You also want to make sure that the first photo your customer sees is the front of your object and that the photo clearly shows what it is. A great way to ensure your photos are of the best quality is to purchase packshots from a professional photographer. They can help you achieve your creative vision with your budget to ensure your brand remains professional and of high quality.

Online store Product Descriptions

Next, you want to formulate your product description. Think about those unique selling points again and get them across. You want to discuss dimensions, colours and other important details about your product. One of the brilliant features Etsy provides is its messaging option. Once you have established your store, look at what questions crop up often about your product and then edit your description to include answers to these questions.

Hand embroidered love with heart that will be added to the lady's online store

Ready to go…

Now you should be ready to get your online store up and running! Etsy opens up the horizons for small businesses to start. Once your business gets larger, it might be time to swap out for a Shopify account instead; check out our article on that here.

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