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A good photograph is worth more that a thousand words … but if your online business relies on the product images, it’s worth quite a lot more! In today’s digital era world, to attract right people and convert them into buyers, you have to invest in professional product photos. Product photography is very often at the bottom of the list of priorities and is underestimated when it comes to budgets, importance, etc.. Studio quality product photography is essential in your online business. Why do a lot of online retailers employ professional product photographers? Why do businesses with good photos make a lot more money than those who don’t? Let’s discuss…

There are no rules for good product photography, there are only good Product photographs.


1. Visibility of Your Product Photos

With the vast amount of data being available online – more than 1.2 million terabytes of content – you need to go that extra mile to win the attention of your potential buyers. Product photography is a form of visual art and can increase the visibility of your content by almost 85%.


Our brains can process a fair amount of data but photographs will always be prioritised. Professional product photos can give the right message to your target audience.

3. Art of mix

Around 93% of all our communications are non-verbal; mixing visuals with some text is the best way to grab the attention of your prospects.

MO Studios professional product photography
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4.Going Viral With Your Product Photography

Your content, whether visual or just text, have the potential to go viral if your website visitors like it enough to share it with their friends on social networks, this will give an incredible boost to your brand awareness.


People usually let emotions to influence their buying decisions, so try to incorporate some emotional element about your brand.


Digital marketing in which a brand is defined by how popular it is, the majority of online users will react better to content that’s been already shared.

MO Studios 

product photos

7.Product Photography gives Easy Engagement

Photos are more straightforward and therefore, easier to understand as opposed to the text. Facebook posts with photographs average 70% more shares than the ones without.

8.Increase profits

A professional product photo builds trust. There are very strong link between top-quality images in marketing and the increase in sales.

MO STUDIOS product photos

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