Jewellery: Where should you set up your online business?

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It has never been easier to sell jewellery online, from intricate pendants to chunky bangles. There is a platform out there for every kind of jewellery and jeweller. There is somewhere in the jewellery market for every niche so why not start exploring which one is out there for you?

model jewellery shot - MO STUDIOS
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Why expand your audience using eCommerce?

Technology is advancing rapidly. To stay relevant you need to stay ahead of the curve. Many small and large businesses are doing this by expanding online. You can reach a huge audience world wide by buying a domain name or setting up an account on the various sites available. 

Where can you branch out online?

It is key you find the best place for your specific pieces. There is a suitable site out there for everyone.

Selling jewellery on Etsy

Handmade Jewellery

Etsy is perfect for one man band, hand made jewellery businesses. They provide a very helpful interface for companies run by one to two employees and allow you to manage your business using your mobile phone. Etsy is strictly handmade however, and companies that aren’t selling handmade goods will be promptly shut down and often banned completely.

Does Etsy seem like it’s suitable for you? We have a more in-depth article on how to set up your Etsy business here.

Amazon or eBay


Amazon and eBay are perfect low budget, easy options that remove the work that running a website requires. They also house any business from small to big, handmade to mass produced.

Ebay is much more simple to sell on than amazon as they don’t have a lengthy screening process. Ebay is great for vintage and second hand pieces as they already have a captive audience.

Amazons set up fee and screening process can be useful though as it feels less risky to purchase from amazon sellers from a customer point of view. Plus once the screening process is complete its easy to list and sell.

Jewellery e-commerce on Shopify

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Want a more personalised user experience? Why not try Shopify? Shopify puts you in the driver’s seat with a personalised domain name and an entire webpage to yourself. With Shopify, there is no need to fight for attention with competitors, as the storefront will show only your product. However, Shopify requires existing tech skills or the time to learn to manoeuvre the site. This means it might not be suitable for everyone.

Found the perfect platform? It’s time to put together listings, find out more here.

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