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Blog posts are a great way to communicate with your customers and build a solid and active community. They’re also an effective way of being transparent with your audience and answering frequently asked questions in depth. However, blog posts can fall flat if you don’t post consistently. Here are some ideas to help you put together more blog posts for your audience.


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If your products utilise an exciting or unique ingredient, talk about it! It can be about how you source it, its benefits or even its other uses. It could even be a unique process that you use; perhaps you vegetable-tan the leather you use, you could also discuss the process’s history. 

2.A day in the life

daily agenda

Show your average day if you hand-make your items and how you go through the process. This transparency will build a good relationship between yourself and your customers as they get a better idea of who they are buying from and will be more inclined to support you by purchasing from you again.

3.Appeal to your customer persona

Organic Food

Blog posts don’t have to be entirely about your products; you can branch out and aim blog posts at your audience as a whole. This can then lead potential customers to your webpage and be an invaluable organic marketing tool. To illustrate, your business could sell organic, cruelty-free cosmetics, and your audience might then be interested in how to live a cruelty-free life or how to source organic food. People who are interested in similar topics will find your products via blog posts. 


Recycled packaging

Talk about how you’re doing your bit for the environment, whether it be how you source ingredients, how you package your ingredients or how you transport them. Being carbon neutral or using biodegradable ingredients/packaging is very desirable in this day and age as we become more educated on how we can save our planet. It could even be instructions on how customers can recycle your products when they are no longer needed. Being clear on how your company is responsible can build trust between you and your customers. 

5.Product of the week

Product of the week by MO Studios

Selecting a product of the month/week can provide a lot of consistent content. Discuss the manufacturing processes, its unique selling point or the benefits of its ingredients. This also creates potential content for a social media feature once a week/month and allows for conversation and feedback from customers based on each product. 


reading blog post newsletter

Newsletters have benefits for both large companies and small businesses. For larger companies, you can discuss new products on the way and updates about the company. For smaller companies adding the personal touch of talking about what’s going on in your life builds trust with the customer. If your small business has multiple colleagues take it in turns to put together the newsletter and talk about themselves.

7.Gift guides

Gifts for everyone

Talk about who your products are aimed at; gift guides are popular around Christmas and provide help for birthdays throughout the year. Tailor your gift guide to the time of year; you could target different zodiacs, graduation events etc. Consider which holidays are celebrated in your target audiences country. If you ship to America, bring up thanksgiving, for example. 


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If your products can be the ingredients in something else, talk about it. Advertise the versatility of your product. You could also discuss tutorials on how to use your products; this can be especially helpful for customers with questions about your products.

9.Seasonal Posts

Christmas blog post

Holidays make up great content for blogs, and there is a dedicated day to almost everything, so it’s simple to find something related to your products. Bring in personal elements too, let your customers know how your family spend holidays.

10.Research your competitors

research competitors

Look into topics your competitors are blogging about. Be careful not to plagiarise topics entirely, as this could lead to legal trouble, but taking inspiration is an excellent way to brainstorm new content. 

Let us know in the comments which ideas you like best. 

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