Refreshing Blog Topics for your Business

reading blog post newsletter

You can build a solid and active community of customers by writing blog posts. Also, they’re an excellent way to answer frequently asked questions in depth and be transparent with your audience. If you don’t post consistently, however, your blog posts can be ignored. Here is a list compiled of intriguing blog posts for your audience.


Maybe what makes your product unique is a particular ingredient, use your blog to talk about it! It can be about how you source it, its benefits or even its other uses. It could even be a unique process that you use; perhaps you vegetable-tan the leather you use, you could also discuss the process’s history.

2.A day in the life blog

daily agenda

What does a day in the studios/factories or office look like for you? Give your customers an inclusive insight on the daily tasks you partake in to ensure they get the best products. This builds on that trustworthy relationship between the customer and business. This relationship is crucial to gaining new and returning customers.

3.Appeal to your customer persona

Organic Food

Blog posts don’t have to be exclusively about your products. Share insight on other things your audience would be interested in. This can organically lead a web bread crumb trail to your products. To illustrate, your brand could be a hot wing sauce manufacturer, related topics could be Top ten barbecue techniques or Best ways to cook chicken.


Recycled packaging

Discuss the steps you’re taking to reduce your carbon footprint. This could be:

  • shipping materials or processes
  • how you recycle materials or excess waste 
  • how you power your factories 
  • how you source ingredients/materials 

This again is crucial to building trust. 

5.Product of the week blog

Product of the week by MO Studios

Pick a product a month to talk about. This is a great way to draw attention to products that may not sell as well and will also provide consistent content for a long time. Use this content to highlight USPS, interesting ingredients and how the product is made. You can also use this as a method of gaining feedback on specific products.


reading blog post newsletter

Newsletters are great to keep returning and potential customers informed on whats going on in your business. This could be whats going on with yourself, if your business is small. Or it could be upcoming collections. Show off colleagues of the month, or achievements you have made as a business. Bring a human side to your business.

7.Gift guides

Gifts for everyone

Gift guides are great free marketing tools and can provide endless content for social media sites. Use calendars to put together a list of which holidays your company would benefit from. Don’t forget the holidays celebrated in the countries your business ships to.


two women following recipe from a blog post

If your products can be the ingredients in something else, talk about it in a blog post. Advertise the versatility of your product. You could also discuss tutorials on how to use your products; this can be especially helpful for customers with questions about your products.

9.Seasonal Posts

Christmas blog post

Holidays make up great content for blogs, and there is a dedicated day to almost everything, so it’s simple to find something related to your products. Bring in personal elements too, let your customers know how your family spend holidays.

10.Research your competitors’ blogs

research competitors for blog inspiration

Look into topics your competitors are blogging about. Be careful not to plagiarise topics entirely, as this could lead to legal trouble, but taking inspiration is an excellent way to brainstorm new content. 

Let us know in the comments which ideas you like best. For more of our blogs visit here.

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