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MO STUDIOS jewellery photograpy

Jewellery Photography Tips

Anyone who has attempted jewellery photography can express to you the difficulty of showcasing such intricate pieces. From necklaces to diamond rings, it’s essential to approach taking images of them correctly to get the perfect image. This post will share with useful techniques for taking jewellery photos which will make the process a lot easier....

research competitors

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is the action of advertising and selling goods or services by utilizing social media, display advertising, email marketing, Google Ads and more. It’s how the majority of companies get their business out there, in front of the potential customers. One of the most fundamental rules is to appear at the right time and...

camera lenses

Tips when looking for the perfect Camera Lenses

When you own an SLR camera, there are many camera lens options. So, it may be a little overwhelming knowing what to use. Different lenses are suitable for different purposes therefore, it can get confusing pretty fast. Here are a few tips to help you choose between your wide angle and your telephoto. Once you’re...

Mondo Olfi product photo examples

Product Photography Techniques

The use of creative product photography gives you the opportunity to showcase your product to an online audience. Regardless of what you are selling, online shoppers prefer photos that infuse life into products. Therefore, good photos really influence purchasing decisions. Your product photos will effectively engage your audience and this will translate into more sales....